Social responsibility

At Gulf Jewels Tours, our commitment to our environment and communities is unparalleled. Since our very beginning, and thanks to our family values, we have believed in building relationships and implementing sustainable measures in all activities. Oman is not just a country in our eyes; she is a destination that truly is an experience apart, steeped in heritage, wildlife and brimming with diverse culture. Through all our programes, we seek to preserve our country, to ensure that the generations to come enjoy this land for her riches. As a part of our responsibility, we always use native resources; benefits of our programes will leak to the society in many ways, economically and socially. Our programes always lead and direct the guests to love the environment. The opportunity to interact with locals and their traditions while on tour, will exchange the cultural values among Nations and to create long term relationships. We invite everyone to feel the difference with Gulf Jewels Tours.