Explore Oman’s Geological History (Scientific Tour)

3 Nights 4 Days by 4WD


Day 1

Arrive Muscat

Have a short rest in the hotel and leave hotel to visit spots of Ophiolite rocks at Wadi Al-Abyadh to see Moho discontinuity, layered gabbros

Mantel sequence (Ultramafic rocks) etc arround Muscat

Overnight stay in Muscat


Day 2

Explore Muscat Geoheritage guide for geological attractions in the capital region.

Spots to be seen : Deformation, technotics in Wadi Al Mayh & Technotics in Wadi Mijlas, Quraiyat Ripple marks, metamorphic rocks

Overnight stay in Muscat


Day 3

Visit Hajar super group (sedimentary basement) in Wadi Bani Kharoos or Jabel Akdhar to see Shuaybah formation & mahil formation of Mesozoic Age (Oil & Gas reservoir outcorps).

Overnight stay in Nizwa


Day 4

Visit Nizwa Fort, Souq and thereafter proceed to the palm oasis in the limestone mountains at Misfat Al Abriyeen at the foothill of the Jabal Akdhar.

Evening transfer to the Airport for departures